Ready Player Me Dependencies (AvatarUri could not be found)

Hello! I am working on rigging a full-body-XR avatar. I’m doing ok, but my result isn’t the same as some available demos. However, when I try to import those demos as packages into my own project, I consistently get the following error:

The type or namespace name ‘AvatarUri’ could not be found

This shows up in 3 places, and going to the AvatarUri definition, I figured I could replace each instance of AvatarUri with Wolf3D.ReadyPlayerMe.AvatarSDK.AvatarUri. Doing so fixes those three errors, but then creates 32 more ones. It seems I am missing a dependency somewhere, but I have Final IK which is the only listed dependency. I also have all of the OpenXR and Animation Rigging packages. What am I missing? Thanks!