Avatar not found

In unity’s example scene AvatarCreatorWizard, I was able to generate an image of myself from the camera, but when I clicked on any content, element, such as changing clothes or changing hair, the following error message appeared and returned to the camera screen with the message avatar not found.
The Subdomain and application ID are configured correctly in the editor.
{“type”:“NotFoundError”,“status”:404,“message”:“Avatar not found”}
PATCH https://api.readyplayer.me/v2/avatars/66028d6c0fbc39f986cda9ad?responseType=glb&pose=A&lod=0&textureAtlas=none&textureSizeLimit=512&textureChannels=baseColor,normal,metallicRoughness,emissive,occlusion&morphTargets=none&useHands=false&useDracoMeshCompression=false&useMeshOptCompression=false

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Can you please confirm what Ready Player Me SDK version are you using?

I’m using Version 6.1.0

We couldn’t replicate the issue. It might be that something is wrong with the subdomain setup. Or that the subdomain and app id are set incorrectly in unity config.
You can share the subdomain with us to test, you can email support with the subdomain if you would not like to share the information publicly.
Contact support: support.portal.readyplayer.me
Thank you

I have sent an email to your mailbox, please check it

I am facing the same issue. The problem is well documented here Avatar not found message when trying to edit an avatar created with a photo · Issue #249 · readyplayerme/rpm-unity-sdk-core · GitHub

Can you please let me know if this can be solved quickly?

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Thank you for reporting the issue, this is fixed in the latest version.