Problems when using Atlas and/or mesh compression

Hey guys!., hope you can help me with this, I really need those 2 features for my android build, your base avatar consumes too many draw calls and I have problems when more than 2 or 3 people join the game because of that (this game is multiplayer, I need several avatars on screen and I’m very limited on GPU resources)
Your base avatar the RPM_Maximo (the guy with the white t-shirt) works great with a lot of users ->>> That’s the quaIity I need to download, a simple mesh and a single texture or 2 maximum, that guy has base color and Normal only :slightly_smiling_face:.

I have problems when using the 2 mentioned features in the title (Atlas and Mesh compression), pictures attached.

  1. The meshes are not scaled properly, seems those are not even merged.
  2. The Materials doesn’t match with the mesh. (with and without merging mesh)
  3. The attached images with the pawn under the Z=0 happens when the mesh opt is wnabled.
  • Unreal Engine Version 5.3
  • RPM SDK 3.2.0

Here is the Avatar with the Mesh Opt compression enabled and Atlas disabled.

Hi there!

Mesh Opt and Draco compression do nothing for performance, it’s purely to reduce file size (file download size). So there is no real runtime performance benefit from using them.

On those mesh issues, can you confirm you’re not applying a different skeleton in your setup?

It could also be some strange UE5.3 or gltfruntime bug. We are going to look into this further to see if there’s anything wrong on our backend, but in the meantime, could you please let me know if this issue happens no matter what config settings you set? Or is there a specific combination of settings that causes it?

We’ve tried replicating it but we haven’t encountered any issues. Does this happen with a specific outfit or with all outfits?

Hi @Gonzalo_RPM
This happens with the Oculus-Unreal build 5.3.0, i can’t use other because the features it has.
Happens with all the avatars, not the one in the picture only.

  • On the other hand what I’m trying to download as Avatar is this single texture to create a basic material (first picture), I don’t care about the quality but the performance, the Material in the plugin has too many nodes (second picture