Long Sleeved TOPS are clipping with avatar elbows

Hello! When using Long Sleev Tops, the elbows clips out of the clothes. This is not just one particular item, is a general issue with TOPS . Any ideas how to fix this? thank you.

Can you specify which tops in particular show this issue? Also, do you see it only in Unity or the web Avatar Creator as well?

It’s hard to detect in the Web Avatar Creator because is most noticeable when animating the avatar. But still, you can see the problem in the Web Creator


So far these are problematic :

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-02-23 a las 14.12.48_5dbfd91c

I haven’t test all Tops but i think is a generalized problem, except for this one
Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-02-23 a las 14.10.48_bf93dac8

I just submitted the request to the team, and they are working on fixing these assets. They will be updated soon.
Edit: This is now fixed :slight_smile: