Problem Importing To Hub

Hi. I have created a an avatar with custom clothing in studio. It shows in my avatars available but when i send it across to my hub the clothes are missing. Is there something i am doing wrong?

Appreciate any help or a link to an article

Hello and welcome to the forum!

When you create a custom asset, you need to select the application where this asset will be available and make sure that it is set to be visible. Then, you need to access the hub using the subdomain link.
Here are the steps:

  1. If you don’t have an application in the studio, create one by going to “My Applications”; on the right, you can see “+ Add application”. Fill in your application info and click Add.
  2. Under “Asset Manager”, click on your custom asset, and under “Applications”, select the application you created, and make sure to tick the visible option just in front of your application name. Click save on the top right.
  3. Access your app subdomain. You can find it by going back to applications, clicking on the app and then copying the subdomain and pasting the URL on your web browser URL bar. Now you should be able to see the asset you created available :slight_smile:

This is broken since about a week and it looked like it was never intended to work like this. In order to select your custom outfits the only way to get them is to navigate directly to your application url. When you are in the creator you can click on the cogwheel in the top left to login/ link this avatar portal to your account.
There are some glitches so sometimes you have to clear your cache to link the application portal to your account.

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