Custom asset templates

It would be really appreciated if there was some templates provided to allow us to use the new options in the studio to upload custom assets for our applications
I have figured out how to upload Facewear and glasses, top, bottom and footwear
you have the documentation and templates for Hero characters and outfits
But I am not able to use those templates when trying to upload Headwear, Facewear and Hair for example
Thank you

Hi FireRat!

We have templates and instructions available for Facewear, Glasses, etc. You can find them here: Create Custom Assets | Ready Player Me

The above link is currently located under part 5 of our “Create Custom outfits” documentation: Fullbody Outfits | Ready Player Me.

I have forwarded feedback onwards to our team to make sure that the instructions/templates are more easily findable in the future.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much, this is perfect, exactly what I was looking for

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