Clothing Search And Sugguestions

:slight_smile: **Hey everybody!..

OK. I’ve got a question here!..

Where do we go to get additional clothing and hair??..

Asking because I am creating several animated films that take place in the 1960s and early 1970s {and one that takes place in the early 1980s}. Many of the main characters are young men with long hair. And a few of them walk barefoot…

Also. And this is from both sides of the fence people!..

.We need to be able to remove shoes at least and adjust hair length. Also. Instead of putting tops and bottoms together…they ought to be split. Also. In terms of clothing we need a basic jeans and R ahirt. Both barefoot and with shoes. And we need basic sleepwear {no footwear with that!}. That woiuld really be great!..

Any ideas on this?

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Hello and welcome to the forum!
We have guides that show you how to create different types of assets that are compatible with Ready Player Me avatars, including tops, bottoms, shoes, hairstyles and more. We also show how to upload and validate them in Studio’s Asset Manager. You can find these guides on our documentation page here: Create Custom Assets | Ready Player Me

:slight_smile: OK thanks for that info!..

I actually GOT the thing about the Asset Manager right off the bat. Problem is I’m trying to find templates for the items that I’m trying to create. Where do I go for that??..

Btw. Attached is a photo of some characters from one of the films and what they look like right now:

Get back to me on this please,
Rocker :slight_smile:

The link we shared above contains the templates for each type of asset:

For instance, if you choose facewear or hairstyle, the first step contains the download link for the template.