Asset Manager no longer shows "Top" or "Bottom" when adding new asset

As the title says. Not sure if it’s relevant, but I was recently accepted in to previewing the XR avatars, although I did not have that app checked.

We’ve also been having this issue for a while now.

These options were removed because, as mentioned on our documentation page for Creating Custom Assets, under the Tops, Bottoms, Shoes part:

Currently, we do not support a custom mesh for modular assets. You can only modify the texture of the existing templates, which you can find in Asset Designer in Studio.

So, you can still create custom tops, bottoms, or shoes within the Asset Designer by changing the texture. You can either:

  1. Download the PSD template and add your custom design to it, then upload it as PNG.
  2. Or, use our AI texture tool, where you can describe the texture as a prompt and generate it.

When did that change? I was able to upload a modular model like a month ago, and now not?

Also, the “Asset Designer” always fails for me with “Error saving asset” when I click save.

Also also, what will happen to the modular assets already uploaded to our apps, will they get removed?