KTX Texture Format

I was wondering if you now support the KTX texture format, or if not could you share if the feature is still in development? It is mentioned here in this press release - Link.

We are trying to optimize our web-based product and are thinking about converting the avatars to use KTX textures ourselves on our backend, but if it is still in the pipeline for you and/or is currently supported we will wait until official implementation.


Hello and welcome to the forum!
Currently, we only support png, jpg and webp. However, gltf-transform v4 will support KTX software v4.3 and upgrading GLTF-transform is in the short-term plans.

I just wanted to post the update that the team has successfully released the gltf transform upgrade to 3.9, unlocking new features. KTX compression is not officially supported yet with glTF but will become supported with version 4.0 (currently in alpha). We will upgrade to it when it becomes stable.
Thank you

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Thank you! How do I apply it to the avatars being requested via API/url? I did not see any new documentation explaining the correct way to do this.

Is it as simple as changing the texture format to ktx rather than webp?

After checking with the team, we upgraded the glTF transform to 3.9, but the version that supports KTX is 4.0. However, 4.0 is still in alpha 14 and thus is not stable enough to use it yet. Once it’s out of beta, we plan to upgrade to it. You can check the releases here to keep up to date: Tags · donmccurdy/glTF-Transform · GitHub.
I updated the message above and will share in this thread when the upgrade happens.
Apologies for the confusion :slight_smile: