Issues copy avatar in hub to one specific app

There is something weird about SideQuest’s ( RPM account. Using the RPM Avatar hub (Ready Player Me - Create a Full-Body 3D Avatar From a Photo) I can copy my avatars from one app to another. I have one that has an unlocked asset (custom t-shirt) that copies properly to all other apps (VRChat, Spatial, HiberWorld, RPM), but not to SideQuest’s app, where the unlocked asset gets reverted to plain white.

I looked at my own RPM app settings and there doesn’t seem to be an option for enabling or disabling this functionality. Is there something they need to do to re-enable this functionality, or is it a glitch that needs fixing on RPM’s end?


Furthermore, if I edit the now copied avatar either via the hub or via SQ’s URL, I see the unlocked t-shirt is already selected and loads properly in the editor, but when I hit Next, it disables and shows a spinner, then re-enables but nothing else happens, and when I go back to the hub, that avatar reloads but still with the white tee, I’m guessing the texture is failing to load.

Hi there,

It is possible that the custom asset is not available in Sidequest and that’s why it reverts to a default outfit. Our partners manage which outfits they want available in their apps themself.

Could you send a screenshot of the asset inside the Avatar Creator so I can try to locate it and double-check this?

Here is a screenshot of the hub, the gray “The More You Know” t-shirt is the locked (but unlocked for my account) asset that I created in my own app, where I created an avatar, and via the Hub added to other apps. As I said before, this process works for other apps, just not SideQuest.

Hi there,

The assets you upload through Studio will only work in your own game/app. We don’t have interoperable assets for self-uploaded outfits out yet, but we hope to have it in the future.

So the fact that I can use my avatar, which has a custom unlocked asset for my own app, in Spatial and almost every other app, just not SideQuest, is the actual bug?

Hi again,

The asset should not work in Spatial or any other app than your own. Out of curiosity, can you actually put the outfit on and run around in Spatial with it?

Yes. I even set up a second Spatial account to verify that others could see the avatar with the custom asset.

This is the “feature” that I really like about RPM, so if you’re telling me it’s a bug, I’ll probably reconsider whether or not I keep going forward with RPM.

Thanks for letting us know, yes this is a bug. However, as mentioned earlier we hope to have an option for making the self-uploaded assets interoperable in the future.