Custom outfits for RPM in

hi there, quick question what the best workflow is to integrate custom outfits created in rpm studio to ie is there a way to integrate custom avatar creator or design to work with spatial and publish it there?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet, the self-uploaded outfits via Studios Asset Manager or Asset Designer will only work in your own game/app and not in Spatial for example.
We hope to have interoperability for the self-uploadable outfits in the future, but we don’t have a timeline we can share for this.

Using Spatial’s desktop client, I was able to go in to my private space, select an avatar I already made in another app (via the interface) that has a custom asset, and it loaded properly. I did not test taking that in to open areas, but I don’t see why that change.
So, it looks like that feature is something that each client dev has to support, and it really feels like a work around.