FBX Animation Import Issue

Hello, so far I have been able to use the various animations from the library but one in particular is giving me a problem.

FBX is the Idle To Push Up, when I choose the Copy From Other Avatar and assign my Masculine_TPoseAvatar and apply I get this Import Error - Copied Avatar Rig Configuration mis-match. Transform hierarchy does not match: Transform ‘Armatrue.001’ not found in HumanDescription.

If I just use the Create From This Model option I can get the animation to play although not correct. So it looks very stiff and does follow the animation. If I select the animation state from the animator and drag the PreviewAvatar into the preview box then it looks correct. I don’t really know enough about this section of game development to determine how to solve the problem. Because the other motions work just fine its just this particular one.

Can only upload one image so let me know if I can provide other information.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Can you confirm the name of the animation? and confirm you are using an animation from our animations library (GitHub - readyplayerme/animation-library: Ready Player Me Animation Library)?
If yes, could you please send the link on our GitHub repo of the specific animation you used as we are not able to find one with the name “Idle To Push Up” as mentioned in the post.

Ok this was a Mixamo animation and I think the issue was just simply in the animation transition in the Animator. The transition with idle blending into this animation made it look stiff and rigid. By having no transition it seems to work go though I need to still test on device but suspect nothing will change.