RPMe to VRM workflow issues with facial animations

Hi! While I’m not new to both ready player me and modeling in general, I’ve been running into some strange issues while trying to dip my toe into 3D avatar creation for vStreamers.
I’ve found a number of guides on YT (most outdated) that gave me a general workflow guideline of the process i.e. from RPMe → Blender → Mixamo → Unity → VRM. My stumbling block seems to be creating/assigning the facial animations so the avatar can generate the necessary expressions (blinking, mouth movements for vowels, etc.) in Unity the model ditorts HORRIBLY. It works perfectly in Blender and according to online guides it should be straightforward but for some reason Unity refuses to cooperate. I have tried multiple versions of both Blender and Unity to try to isolate the issue but so far only the latest vers of Blender seems to work with RPMe FBX export and all Unity versions I have tried have the same distortion issue.
If anyone needs further detail I can provide a detailed process with pictures of what I’m doing.
The only thing I can think of trying is to create all the necessary animations in Blender then hopefully import them into Unity directly instead of creating them there.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
This is more a Blender to Unity workflow issue but sharing this video from another tool, starting from 6:34, you can find an example of exporting blend shapes animation from Blender to Unity:

Thx, this should point me in the right direction if I decide to do the animations in Blender instead of Unity. Just found it strange all the older guides seem to make it look so easy yet I’ve been hitting roadblocks from the start.

Ah, you are actually trying to animate the blend shapes in Unity? This should be possible too. I thought you had animations in Blender that you wanted to bring into Unity.
Can you share screenshots from your workflow in Unity?

Well I finally managed to get things working. I found an updated workflow guide that listed VERY SPECIFIC versions of programs and addons that let everything just work! In fact some of the steps actually contradict the RPMe FAQ on how to export fbx for Unity so that should be updated as well…
You can look at it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to_aliqBkpU
Gonna have to post it on the Unity forums as well …