Encountering face animations and lipsync issues in AR using Vision Pro and Ready Player Me Avatars

Hey everyone,

I’ve been dabbling with AR using Vision Pro and trying to get Ready Player Me avatars working in Unity. I followed the guide on the Ready Player Me blog about building an Apple Vision Pro app with their avatars and the Unity Polyspatial package. Here’s the guide I used:

Got the avatar imported and basic animations down, which was pretty straightforward. But I’m stuck on getting the lip sync and facial expressions right.

Do you guys know if there’s something specific about the morph parameters I should be setting up when I bring the avatar into Unity? I’ve been trying to tweak the morph targets from the inspector one by one, and they look fine until I hit play. Once in play mode, any changes I make just don’t seem to take effect.

Anyone else run into this or have any pointers on what I might be missing? Would really appreciate any advice or tips you might have

Im using Unity 2022.3.20f with Xcode 15

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Yes, other users also mentioned it works in the Editor but not on Vision Pro device. It might be because the blend shapes are not supported yet on Vision Pro. I suggest you ask in the Unity PolySpatial forum to know if it’s supported or if Unity has plans to add support.

Hello, and thank you for the warm welcome!

I appreciate you shedding light on the issue with blend shapes on the Vision Pro device. It makes sense now why things weren’t working as expected. I hadn’t considered the possibility of blend shapes not being supported yet

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!

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