Color shading issue

Can I know what causing the issue ? Last time it was in GLTF runtime 2023/09 version. I have updated the Plugin and it worked well without any issues. But in recent build I am again facing this weird greenish screen issue. Did anyone reported before @Amel_RPM ?

*Edit : UE 5.3.2 and Android runtime

Help needed.

@Gonzalo_RPM @Amel_RPM @Markus_RPM @Tom_RPM @jozsef_RPM

Hi there,

Could you please provide the following:

  1. RPM SDK version
  2. Screenshots from possible error logs
  3. Reproduction steps

RPM SDK Version : V 2.2.0

And talking of errors It’s shading issue which texture comes from your CDN one so, how can I get the logs. More over it’s visual one how can I make logs.

GLTF plugin updated manually since older one having some weird issues.