Can't see Hero Character to pick and Body Type keeps defaulting to generic

I’ve created a Hero Character. I modified one ( just a texture of a dress nothing else). It has uploaded fine. I can see it in my assetts.
I cannot pick it from the Hub. It doesn’t see it.
I’ve ticked all the ‘use applications’ boxes so it can be used in everything.
Also as an experiment I tried again and selected ‘Full Body XR’ but when I save it and then view it in the Studio it reports it is ‘Generic’ not ‘Full Body XR’.
‘Visible’ has been ticked.

I can see the avatar in ‘Configure’ . Visible’ has been ticked. The catalogue is empty. How comes it has uploaded the asset fine but I cannot see anything in the ‘Hero Character’ filter in the catalogue?

When you say you’re trying to use the hero character from the hub, do you mean Ready Player Me main site? Or your own subdomain? When you upload a custom asset, you are uploading it to your own subdomain, not to the general site.

Can you confirm you’re trying at your own subdomain? The URL should look similar to