Apple Vision Pro: Unity build error

I’m following this tutorial here (no deviations): How to build your first Apple Vision Pro app featuring Ready Player Me Avatars and Unity PolySpatial package

When I try to build (for the Simulator SDK), I get the following error:

Any suggestions for debugging this? Again, to reproduce just follow the tutorial.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

In the tutorial, we haven’t used the Draco compression, so it seems like you have enabled the ''Use Draco Compression" under the avatar config. You can try to disable it by removing the Draco package. Go to Window → Package Manager → Draco 3D Data Compression and then click on remove.

You can verify that it’s removed by making sure it’s unselected under avatar config.
To find the Avatar Config asset file, go to Tools → Ready Player Me → Settings. You can find the config file used under Avatar Settings and then Avatar Config.
When you select the file, it will be highlighted in the project window. Select it and then unfold the Optimization Packages section and make sure the Use Draco Compression is unselected.

It could be because Draco isn’t supported in visionOS, which would make sense as it is so new.

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Thanks for the help! I think that’s it.

I ended up just starting a new project and everything worked. Sometimes Unity will fail to build / link and I was able to resolve that by just trying again.

Glad to hear it works for you now :slight_smile:

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