What are all the emotion variables?

Hi there!

I’m trying to set all the mouth variables so i can programmatically animate the face but there’s no documentation for all the possible variables. Here’s a few I found,

“eyeSquintLeft”: 0.4,
“eyeSquintRight”: 0.2,
“mouthSmileLeft”: 0.37,
“mouthSmileRight”: 0.36,
“mouthShrugUpper”: 0.27,
“browInnerUp”: 0.3,
“browOuterUpLeft”: 0.37,
“browOuterUpRight”: 0.49

What are all the variables or where can i find them please?

Thank you!

Hi Alexhig,

First, make sure that your Avatar includes Blendshapes. You can add the following parameters after the Avatar URL to get blendshapes: ?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes, you can find more information from our Avatar API docs.

List of ARKit Blendshapes

List of Oculus Blendshapes

More on blend shapes can be found in our Forum Post here: [GUIDE] Blendshapes, morph targets and shape keys - #7 by vincent_x2o