Facial animation impossible

Good morning. I created an avatar on ready player then I downloaded it and imported it into the “Prisma 3d” application and the avatar already had an integrated skeleton (joints for movements) put on this skeleton it is missing the articulation of the mouth and that of the eyebrows. I can’t add them myself for two reasons The first is that Prisma 3D does not allow you to modify the skeleton, it simply allows you to delete it to redo it again and I am unable to make such a precise skeleton knowing that I am simply a beginner in animation The second is that the mouth and eyebrows are not unique elements, they are directly attached to the head. So how can I fix this?
(In addition to the mouth and eyebrows there is also the eyelid which doesn’t even exist I can’t close my eyes to make them blink)

Good morning!
To make sure that the downloaded GLB includes the morph targets, you can add the morphTargets query parameter.
So, for instance you can add ?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes to the URL.
Example: https://models.readyplayer.me/65a8dba831b23abb4f401bae.glb?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes where you replace the example avatar id with your avatar id.
To download it, you can paste the link on your browser URL address bar and it will start automatically the download.

More information on getting an avatar by id with query paramater on our documentation here: