Avatar generation logic changed

Have you changed the avatar generation logic recently? On March 27th I downloaded avatar with params ?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes and after importing to blender it has one structure (left picture) but today’s avatars has another structure that doesn’t suite to my app anymore (right picture). Is it a bug, expected update or I’m doing something wrong?

Hi Oleksandr,

No changes have been made to the logic. Please double-check that the URL you are using is correct and doesn’t have anything extra on it.

You can copy the below URL and you should have blendshapes on the Avatar:

https://models.readyplayer.me/64e3055495439dfcf3f0b665.glb?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes

If you are still not receiving blendshapes, please share your URL with us and we can look into it further.