Videos on how to use RPM Studio

I made videos on how to build models and outfits using ready player me 1

Hi DedZed

Thanks for sharing this, it is awesome that you’ve created this content around Ready Player Me outfits and we truly appreciate it.

We went through the videos with our art team and there are a few things to note:

  • We have disabled Modular Outfit upload via Asset Manager for now.

  • The Assets will only work in your own app/game. There was a bug that allowed outfits to be available in other partner apps, but it’s now fixed. We are working towards interoperable assets in the future, but we don’t have a timeline on it yet.

  • We recommend to not assigning skin weights to the leaf joints in the skeleton, since these are not meant to be animated. (eye joints are an exception).

these videos were made at least a month ago, but once features are returned or updated, i don’t plan to make more as most of what i covered there is roughly what is needed to work