Unreal Engine 5.2 cannot install the rpm WebView plugin

I am trying to install the rpm WebView plugin (GitHub - readyplayerme/rpm-unreal-webview: Ready Player Me Web Browser for Unreal Engine) in a UE 5.2 project and I get an error when trying to open the project. I can build the plugin with no errors in the .sln file in Visual Studio but then when I open the project it says to build it manually, which I have already done without errors…

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Could you please share what Ready Player Me SDK version you are using?
Also, could you share the error logs or screenshots/recordings of the errors and reproduction steps?

Hello, thanks for your reply. I am using the latest available version ( v2.4.0) but I was using a wrong version of the glTFRuntime plugin. I solved it now. All good. Many thanks anyway. Cheers

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Hello, glad to hear using the correct version of the glTFRuntime plugin solved this for you :slight_smile: