New Unreal Engine plugin available on the Unreal Marketplace, how to implement it?

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the plugin directly from the Unreal marketplace, but have some questions.
First how does this work now if I’m upgrading from the previous SDK I got from github?
I don’t want to destroy everything, and I couldn’t find the right pages to guide me thru this process…
(probably last upgrade I did was in February, as I had to pause development for some times and I’m just resuming now…)
Thank you in advance!

I mean, that’s strange cause it’s set on “install to Engine”, which is contradictory to the way I’ve installed the SDK directly inside the project folder before, and by experience having both the plugins inside the project’s folder and inside the Engine’s plugin folder at the same times cause problems, often when trying to build…

So do you recommend to still do it the old way and you’ll fix the “install in engine” to get the option “add to project” from the Unreal Market place/Library, or do you recommend now to only put it in the Engine folder?

This is from your Quickstart page here :

It will stay as “Install to Engine” as a plugin and it will be a recommended way of doing it. We are updating everything (Including the docs) and adding a migration plan. It will come out most likely this week or early next week.

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I am excited to see that update :D.I hope an email comes out informing subscribers to newsletter :smiley:


Ok so I’ll wait for this to be implemented to finish my work to integrate RPM!
Thanks for your help, can’t wait for this news too!

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