Problem with RPM avatar appearance in Unity android build

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I have a Unity project that uses a avatar. The avatar appears fine in a Windows build. However when I switch platforms to an android build, the avatar becomes shiny/metallic looking. I can assign a new material to the avatar which helps but then it loses a lot of detail.

Please see the attached images for more information (WindowsBuild image is the avatar looking normal with a Windows build, AndroidBuild is the avatar with the shiny/metallic appearance after switching to the android platform, Capture1 is the avatar with a new material in an android build - it’s improved but if you look at the WindowsBuild image it’s lost a lot of detail, RPMinspector image is the Inspector in the android build).


Go to Project Settings β†’ Player and Check your normal map encoding settings, by default Unity sets it to the wrong value. It should be set to XYZ (see screenshot below)

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