Can't find widget WBP_RPMAvatarCreatorContainer in the latest Unreal SDK?

First topic for Unreal peoples!
Let’s go!

I’ll start off by asking if you could add the WBP_RPMAvatarCreatorContainer in the latest Unreal SDK 2.3/plugin, because I can’t find it and when I’m trying to use the one imported from the Unreal Example project it seems it’s still in 2.2, and basically I’m messing up my project right now.
If someone can help me a little bit to fix things that would be would be awesome!

Hello and welcome to the forum!
We are happy to hear you are the first to post here :tada:

We will make a task to update the Unreal Examples project.
For the problem, we suggest trying a fresh install of our latest Unreal SDK. By fresh we mean completely removing the old and then importing the latest one. Make sure that you back up before doing this of course. And unfortunately, any customizations you made to our Blueprints will be lost so be aware of that.

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Ok thanks for the insight!

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