Need Help Getting Custom Avatar set up as Player character

Hi ,

I’m following this tutorial

I don’t know how to get my own custom avatar loaded as the player character

I added my avatar gbl to the Url under Ready Player Me

But it’s not working at all. It only loads the default RPM Avatar when I hit Play

I feel like this step here from the tutorial is where I’m getting it wrong



The tutorial isn’t missing anything but could be clearer to be fair. What it is saying it that you have two options for loading your avatar…

  1. This is where the glb URL comes directly from the character blueprint as shown here in my CharacterBP. If you are using your own compatible character make sure it includes the RPM component and a glb URL.

  2. This is most likely the option you want to use and is the flow if you wish to load in a new avatar during the game. The URL string will be passed directly from the Editor upon Saving the avatar. This screenshot is from the QuickStart level BP found within the Plugin files and you can see how it manages this here. Again, If you are using your own compatible character make sure it includes the RPM component and a glb URL.


Hope that helps!

So this is what I did… Same as you described above.

I opened BP_RPM_Character

And then added the ReadyPlayerMe component

And then added the gbl url for my character.

I then went to World Settings and changed the Game Mode

I still just get the default Avatar instead of mine when I hit Play

PS: also it would be good if I could use more than one image when I post here on your forums

Ah are you not using the Editor at all to customise the character and you just want to load one direct from the Character BP? Are you using the QuickStart Map? If so, tweak the Level BP so that after loading the widget you immediately cast to the character BP and get the URL from here

Alternatively, if you are in a custom level and do not have this logic at all then you can do something like this inside your CharacterBP which will just load whichever URL is in the RPM component

(also I can do multiple pics so not sure whether this is some restriction on your side, will check!)

Ok so I got it working! Thanks!

At this moment I’m just working in the Unreal Editor trying out Ready Player Me characters and seeing if they will work for my project

Eventually I do plan to integrate the ability to create and load RPM characters in game.

So I made a copy of the BP_RPM_ Character and I’m using my own Unreal level not the Quick Start one.


Then I added this to my copy : BP_RPM_Waqas

In World Settings I entered

It worked!

My next task is to add facial animations and talking with sound to the game play animations

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