How do I convert the glb of my avatars to be compatible & swappable with the Default RPM Character for Cinematics?

OK so this question is slightly similar yet different than what I was asking before.

To Make Cinematics that can use the Mixamo Compatible animations using the Ready Player Me provided content I found this version of the character to work in Sequencer and with all the Mixamo Animations

In Sequencer I have

How do I convert the downloaded .glb files of my own avatars to be compatible with this Default RPM character so I can swap it out and use the same animations for creating Cinematics?

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Hey @waqas_dss

You need to follow the attached instructions, the Mixamo animations are compatible with the UE skeleton, not with the RPM skeleton downloaded.
What I did and worked for me was RPM → IK to UE4pawn, the IK to the UE5 never worked for me, seems to have a bug.

Here is a video of my game and some animations like crouching and swimming:

Good luck!

And here is the link, I can’t add more than one in the previous post:

I’ve done that. It works for the default white t-shirt guy.
I think the real issue is this: What is the correct way to import or convert my custom avatar from my RPM portal so that they come in as this

Because this is the version I can drop into Sequencer and be able load all of the RPM and my converted animations to.

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Oh ok, understood, I’m in the forums because I have problems with the skeletons too, seems we have a similar issue here than in my query. I’ll be waiting to see what the RPM guys says about your problem because seems linked to mine.