Meta Quest popup browser workflow issue - cached avatar ID and redirect

There’s a user flow issue now with the standard browser implementation in that it always redirects to the last avatar ID you were looking at when you come back.

This is when the user isn’t signed in and has created an Avatar.

This is a problem as if you popup the Meta browser from within your Quest app, the url is not editable, so you get stuck always going to the same avatar and have to dive through lots of menus to reset by logging in.

So currently the workflow is:

  • User clicks ‘go to ready player me’ in app
  • Meta browser pops up with url [dev]
  • RPM site auto redirects to the last loaded avatar [dev]
  • User is stuck on this avatar page, cannot edit the url or navigate to avatar chooser

Ideally this redirect should not happen, or at least a button could be added like ‘choose another avatar’

Hello and welcome to the forum!
I submitted the workflow issue to the team.
Thank you