Gateway timeout - are we doing something wrong?

Quite often we get gateway timeouts when loading avatars from the cdn site using the url

Similarly when we load the creator it returns gateway timeouts as well


Any suggestions?

Hello and welcome to the forum,
Can you give us more information about when this happens, for instance, when you try to load a specific avatar? You can also share the avatar URL with us. You can email support with the URL if you would not like to share the information publicly.
Contact support:
Thank you

It happens regularly enough for me to consider changing our method to download the avatar to our own CDN when the user saves.

For example - these will quite often return gateway timeouts.,Oculus+Visemes,mouthOpen,mouthSmile,eyesClosed,eyesLookUp,eyesLookDown&textureSizeLimit=1024&textureFormat=png

Using your own CDN will not work because you don’t know when the avatar gets updated.
Are you requesting the same avatar multiple times? Could you share some script you are using when loading, for us to be able to reproduce the issue?