💃 Full-body XR avatars are now live and coming to Just Dance VR

Hello everyone :wave:

Full-body XR avatars for Unity are now live in public beta! And we are excited to share that Ubisoft’s Just Dance VR: Welcome to Dancity will be one of the first games to use them!

Ubisoft has integrated many of the new features coming with Full-body XR avatars:

:dancer:Advanced Rig and Inverse Kinematics Support – perfect for capturing and showcasing intricate dance moves with precision.

:dancing_men:Optimized Performance for Multiplayer – ensures a smooth, immersive experience on any supported headset.

:art: Seamless Custom Avatar Creation – dive into a fully integrated and intuitive avatar customization experience within the game.

You can enable Full-body XR avatars in My Applications in Studio.

Do you want to test our XR features first? Install Ready Player Me – Avatars Demo from the Meta Quest Store or download the open source sample.

:point_right: Learn more about XR avatars


Happy integrating :tada: