Custom WebGL Template

How would I go about creating my own WebGL Template? I know that RPM requires its pre-built template (RPMTemplate) to get it working. I have another package that says to use their template to get it working. Both RPM and the other imported packages come with their own templates with their respective js files. Now the question is what are the bare minimum requirements/files/code should I take from the RPMTemplate so I can create my own version of the template and use that?

It’s hard to tell without knowing what the tool is and how complex their template is, but you will probably need to check the JS code and do the merge manually.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Actually, I’m trying to integrate Convai into my project and it uses it’s own template with it’s own SDK implemented in it. I tried merging it together but having no success so I need some help with that.

What I am expecting is that the template or SDK from the RPM or Convai should be able to use in a way that the developer can integrate it into custom one without tinkering too much.