Can't get both FullBody & HalfBody accessible to players


In the “legacy avatar creator” we can choose the body type, but the “half body” avatar I make become “full body” when I try to load them.

On my dashboard “Full Body” setting is set, but also says: Passing the bodyType query parameter on the URL will ignore this setting.
How do I do this ? I tried adding ?bodyTpe=halfbody or just ?halfbody but it always return a fullbody.

Avatar creation loads a halfbody as expected, player can customize it, but once player click “save” :

  • avatarManager.Save() executes,
    And after that, if I do avatarAPIRequests.GetAvatarMetadata(id)
    it says my HalfBody is now a FullBody.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
You need to also add the parameter “id=new” to make sure that you are loading a new avatar. Otherwise, it will load the last drafted avatar from the cookies, which already have the avatar type stored, and it will override the body type set in the URL.

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