Allow Fullbody and Halfbody

According to the docs, allowin halfbody and fullbody should be possible:

But in my configuration, I can only choose either fullbody or halfbody. The “Let the user choose” option is not available. I’ve also tried setting the bodyType programatically via the iframe url, but this also doesn’t seem to work.

Is this a known issue?

That option is not possible anymore. Now it’s only supported to use full-body or half-body avatars. The team will update the documentation soon to reflect this change.

Hi, thank you for the update. And is it currently not possible to control the iframe programatically?
the documentation also mentions this:

bodyType 'halfbody' | 'fullbody' Selects a body type for the avatar in the editor or allows the user to choose from both. Please note, that this only influences the behavior of the avatar-creator, but not the avatar-type you get on requesting an avatar. If you want to change that too, please contact

Our solution needs to support both Half-body and Full-body, what’s the recommended way of achieving this?