Avatar for Kids

Hello, I am from an education institution using Ready Player Me for an educational product.

I see Ready Player Me avatars are in grown, adult form. Can we have options to select Kids (Or Elders) avatars?
Understand customizing 3D player models is not easy, there can be work around. By controlling avatar head-body ratio can be an alternative way to mitigate the need.

Great stuff RPM, please keep going!

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+1 on this.

We use Toon Kids as a workaround.

I believe that adding different ages of avatars will be a huge step forward for RPM. It’s something our users have been wanting for years, and it has be a huge barrier for us that RPM currently doesn’t offer that.

Different body shapes is also something we have been needing for many years - something our users criticize us for not including.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Thank you for submitting this feature request for avatars for kids, I just shared the feedback with the team.
Also good news: the body shapes are coming very soon so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply.

It’s good to hear new feature is coming, looking forward to apply it in our application :grinning:

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