Unable to fetch eyeshape, faceshape, lipshape, noseshape

I’ve been trying to fetch these assets using the GET https://api.readyplayer.me/v1/assets endpoint, but have been unable to. This page says I should be able to fetch them, though.

I discovered that to be able to fetch beard, eye, and eyebrows I have to list them explicitly with query parameters, otherwise they won’t be returned. I think this is because their hasApps attribute is false, but I’m supplying the applicationIDs query parameter in order to filter out all of the “test” assets and other stuff that is returned without applicationIDs. So, with applicationIDs and type=beard&type=eye&type=eyebrows, I can get those assets. However, this is not working for eyeshape, faceshape, lipshape, noseshape.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug, or are these assets not publically available?

Hi again,

I still haven’t had an answer to this question yet. Are those assets available via the REST API? And if so, how do I retrieve them?

Thank you.

Hi Andrew,

If the hasApps is false, it means that those assets are not added to any of your apps. Filtering by an app id will then not return the required result.

Please also add the missing asset to your app if you haven’t already. What happens if you try it without giving the applicationIds?

If any of the above doesn’t help, could you share what you are trying to achieve with this exactly, so it’s easier for us to understand how to help?


The eye/face/lip/noseshape assets aren’t listed anywhere when I look in the Asset Manager.

Here are some screenshots from Postman showing the problem with not including applicationIds. If I include it, I get 449 total assets included:

However, if I don’t include it, I get 27,915 assets:

The assets returned include test assets that people have uploaded. In other words, there’s a lot of garbage returned.

If I include the types, but not applicationIds, I get nothing returned:

I’ve built my own avatar creator with my own UI, and simply want to fetch all the assets and display them to our users. I want the eye/face/lip/noseshape assets to be returned so my users can change those features of their avatars.


Could you share the following with us via our Support Portal

  • Create a new API-key, and share it via the Support Portal.
  • Send us a screenshot of the headers that you’re using to do the request via the support portal.

You can refer to this forum post: Unable to fetch eyeshape, faceshape, lipshape, noseshape - #4 by andrew_802