Assets being returned that are not in my application

There are a few ongoing problems with the GET endpoint. I’ve written about this a few times now, actually. This one of the problems I’m experiencing that is currently the most problematic.

Assets are being returned to me that I cannot equip.

Request data:<application_id>&limit=100

  'User-Agent': 'python-requests/2.31.0', 
  'Accept-Encoding': 'gzip, deflate', 
  'Accept': '*/*', 
  'Connection': 'keep-alive', 
  'X-API-KEY': <api_key>, 
  'X-APP-ID': <app_id>

One of the assets returned:

  'id': '00b2aafd-c857-428d-9f80-8e3c2769675b', 
  'name': 'designer2026', 
  'organizationId': '65946597a0d4903cb1eed713', 
  'locked': False, 
  'type': 'top', 
  'bodyType': 'generic', 
  'editable': False, 
  'gender': 'neutral', 
  'hasApps': True, 
  'campaignIds': [], 
  'iconUrl': '', 
  'faceBlendShapes': [], 
  'hairStyle': '', 
  'eyebrowStyle': '', 
  'eyeStyle': '', 
  'beardStyle': '', 
  'glassesStyle': '', 
  'lockedCategories': [], 
  'iconGlow': False, 
  'createdAt': '2024-01-26T09:41:04.429Z', 
  'updatedAt': '2024-01-28T00:11:01.347Z'

This asset does not appear in my catalog, but it is returned. I cannot equip this asset. When I try to equip it, the character is returned wearing what I assume is a default clothing: a white T-shirt and black pants.