Supporting XR and Non XR Avatars in the same network app

Our existing network based app is using standard RPM avatars in Unity on WebGL. We had also added support for head and hands VR avatars in our app and are looking at replacing that with the new RPM XR avatars. We are looking for some guidance on the correct stragey for when to use the correct avatar type.

  1. For the local player can we just use the new XR Avatar type for both use cases or do we need to support each type depending on what mode the app is in?

  2. When spawning a remote copy of the player, do we also need to use the correct avatar type or an can just use the standard RPM avatar or XR RPM avatar for both use cases?

Anyone from RPM be able to help answer my questions?

@Sarge Is there anyone at RPM that can help answer my questions?