Remote CDN as Asset hub

I like to know about the Ready Player Me asset hub. My initial thought about the thing is, if we integrate the SDK, all the available assets will be visible from ReadyPlayerMe asset hub. Is there any way to use this SDL and define any CDN link from where the assets will be loaded, can be integrated during the SDK component load. For more clarification about my query is, In the , is there any system to send any list of link as a props in the AvatarCreator component from where all the assets will be loaded?
Thank you

By asset hub, do you mean the Ready Player Me Studio?
You can find more information about the Studio developer dashboard here: Studio (Developer Dashboard) | Ready Player Me
Also, more information on uploading and managing custom assets in our documentation here: Upload and Manage Custom Assets | Ready Player Me

So yes, you can add custom assets that will appear on your subdomain’s Avatar Creator and are specific to your app/game.