Ready Player Me to CC4 to Unreal & using the new CC4 Control Rig


I managed to get my character into CC4 but I noticed it doesn’t have any face bones? Do RPM characters just not have any at all? How can I fix this?

I want to be able to do full animation in Iclone and also in Unreal using the the new CC4 Control Rig and and Apple ARKit facial morphs. Is this possible? What do I need to do?

Here’s my progress just getting the character into CC4:

Unfortunately, we don’t have guides or tutorials for CC4 and Iclone that we can share with you so we are unable to help with it at the moment. I will forward your feedback to our team about this and hopefully, this is something we will have in the future.

You can look into our available Animation Guides for Unreal here.