Multiplayer game: best practice to assign RPM url to different players


I am trying to assign different URL in a multiplayer game. At the moment I am setting a variable in a custom GameInstance and I would like to assign it to each character. I am using the method described here, however while it is working for the Player Name, it is not working for the URL. Below the blueprint that really changes compared to the video

I hope you can help me with any tips or documentation or videos to solve this.

Many thanks!

I cannot find any Documentation about how to set up a RPM avatar in a multiplayer game on Steam. (Unreal Engine | Ready Player Me), while there is a description for Unity. This means that it is not possible to make it working in UE5? If anyone could refer to any documentation that would be great. Many thanks.

We have this guide on GitHub that gives a breakdown of the Ready Player Me Multiplayer Example in Unreal:

As mentioned on the page, you can also check the documentation for Steam Online Services specifically:

While this setup will work fine for testing in the local environment, To be able to use sessions properly in production, you would need to integrate Epic Online Services or Steam Online Services.