Loading atlas mesh avatar from Unity avatar designer example

I’m using the Unity native avatar designer example, which uses the full resolution RPM avatar so it can be customized.
When the user is ready, I need to load the single mesh atlas version of that avatar.
I think this is done using the standard URL + the avatar ID.

Question: how do I capture the current avatar ID from SimpleAvatarCreator to load the lower-resolution single-mesh/atlas version?
Medium res avatar is specified in my RPM project settings.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Have you created a custom Avatar Creator, or are you using the samples as an example?
The avatar ID is usually captured when the user presses the Next or Save button. In the example of our AvatarCreatorWizard Scene in the samples, you can find this part in the AvatarCreatorStateMachine script under the OnStateChanged method:

 if (current == StateType.End)

So, from there, you can save the avatar ID.

Regarding loading with a lower-resolution single-mesh/atlas version, you can use different config assets to achieve that. To do it at runtime, you can follow the steps mentioned on our documentation page: https://docs.readyplayer.me/ready-player-me/integration-guides/unity/optimize/avatar-configuration

Runtime Avatar Object Loader

  1. In your code, create an instance of AvatarObjectLoader.

  2. [Optional] Load a previously created Avatar Configuration asset or instantiate a new Avatar Configuration scriptable object and set its parameters.

  3. [Optional] Assign the Avatar Configuration to the AvatarConfig property of the AvatarObjectLoader instance.

  4. Call the LoadAvatar() method on the AvatarLoader instance, passing a valid avatar URL.

  5. The Avatar Configuration assigned to the URL will be applied to the loaded avatar.

If no Avatar Configuration is assigned to an AvatarObjectLoader instance, the Avatar Configuration selected in the Ready Player Me Settings window is applied.