Issues with loading avatars on Unity


I’ve just integrated the AvatarCreator into our application, FirstStage, and could do with a few pointers.

(1) The creation process uses the AvatarManager class but if I load a saved avatar through that it does not respect the avatar config in the settings. So for the final load I’ve been trying to use AvatarObjectLoader but that fails in the MetadataDownloader with unexpected BodyType.

After a bit of digging, it seems that the two routes parse the json response differently. The AvatarAPIRequests pulls out the “data” element and then parses that into AvatarMetadata whereas the MetadataDownloader doesn’t and fails to parse the response as a result.

(2) It looks like the AvatarObjectLoader should be able to use the avatar cache but as far as I can tell, nothing saves avatars to the local cache - is that something I have to manage on our side of the code?

This integration has been going well so far, so hope you can help get over these snags…

Hey Dave,

What version of the SDK are you using?
What avatar URL are you using when the metadatadownloader fails?
How are you checking the local avatar cache? (which folder do you check and is the caching enabled in the settings?)