Feedback Hero Character Armature


So it would be kind of nice to be able to position and move around the armatures bones while still using the same named original bones in the armature. It would make it a bit easier when uploading rigs all though we appreciate the male and female rig. It would be nice to also have a T-pose option for the male and female armature so it’s not just relied on A-Pose armatures but T-pose as well where the arms are out flat and the fingers are flat even with the hand so that when creating models for the armature it could make it a lot easier to model around the armature rig. Just thought I’d give some feedback that could help out towards the custom Hero Character in studio.

Hi Brix and welcome to the Forum!

In general you can get a T-Pose of the Avatar via Avatar API, see example below:

However, I believe you are talking about the downloadable FBX file from the Hero Character documentation. I’ve forwarded your feedback and suggestion to our team about it.