Eye gazing animation with RPM animation

Hi there,

I’m really impressed with the RPM eye gazing animation that activates once the avatar is imported into the scene in Unity. The subtle eye movements add a nice touch of realism.

However, I’ve run into an issue. When I add an RPM animation to the avatar (like idle standing), the eye gazing stops working. I’ve tried masking the head, but I haven’t had any success with it. If I remove the avatar animator controller, the eye movement returns.

Interestingly, the blinking animation works perfectly in both scenarios, whether the animator controller is applied or not.

Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

The issue is probably that the eye gazing animation is being played first but then the values are being overwritten by the second animation (like idle standing).

You should be able to play 2 different animations on different parts of the body using Animation Layers on the Animator Controller State Machine (See Unity doc on how it works: Unity - Manual: Animation Layers)

If you could also clarify and send a screenshot of what you are referring to as “gazing animation”? Is it there automatically or is it a custom animation you’ve added?