Animating RPM eyes

Is there some way to animate eyes in the RPM avatar?

Something like eyes.lookAt(position)

Thanks a ton!

You can use the “Eye Animation Handler” Script component that you can attach to your avatar. The component allows you to tweak the blink duration and interval.

For the look-at, you can unfold the character in the hierarchy to find the LeftEye and RightEye objects and attach a script where you can call the LookAt method from Unity specifying the target object that you want the eye object to look at (Method in Unity docs: Unity - Scripting API: Transform.LookAt)

Got it, thanks so much!

How do I unfold the character to get to the eye objects?

I only see this as my hierarchy:

Continue unfolding under Spine like shown in image below

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Thank you so much! Will give that a shot