Error Importing glb Model in Unity iOS Build via Xcode

Hi fellow developers,

I’m currently facing a challenging issue while trying to import a glb model into Unity for an iOS build via Xcode and would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions you might have. The specific error message I am encountering is:

“Failed to import glb model from bytes. Could not determine default MaterialGenerator (render pipeline BuiltIn)

It seems like Unity is having trouble determining the default MaterialGenerator for the BuiltIn render pipeline when importing the glb model. I’m using Ready Player Me avatars, and this error occurs during the avatar creation process.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, or does anyone have any insights on how to resolve this error? Any help or pointers towards relevant resources or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

You may have URP or HDRP installed, but you don’t use it (in other words, you don’t have the correct RenderPipelineAsset assigned in the Graphics).

You can try out a clean project build with our samples and see if that works.