Error CS0117: 'ImportSettings' does not contain a definition for 'useLegacyClips'


For the past few days I keep getting this error. I have explored different options to resolve it with out any luck,.

Hope some one can help.

            protected override IEnumerator LoadAvatarAsync(AvatarUri uri)
                this.uri = uri;

                yield return DownloadAvatar(uri).Run();

                GameObject avatar = Importer.LoadFromBytes(avatarBytes, new ImportSettings() { useLegacyClips = true });

/* This line is causing the error. */
               Importer.ImportGLBAsync(avatarBytes, new ImportSettings() { useLegacyClips = true }, OnImportFinished);

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Could you please give a bit more context on what you are trying to achieve?
Also, could you include the definition of the Importer variable?


So I have been trying to implement this tutorial and cloned the github. These
a class AvatarLoader.cs That loads avatars in run time. I think is might be a version miss mstch.

It seems like the repo is using an old version of the SDK. Can you try to update the Ready Player Me Unity SDK in the project?