clearCache not working

even after adding the clearCache in the iframe URL like this it is still somehow bringing the last created character only.

I am also facing the same issue. The docs mentions that in case an avatar id is not passed, then if a token is passed, it will take us to “Choose Avatar” page, and if the token is not passed, it will bring up the last created character.
However, even though I am passing the token while keeping avatarId null, it still brings up the last created character.

I’m having the same problem, a few days ago it was generating new ids automatically, but in the last few days I’ve realized that it’s not generating new ids anymore. Did the backend change the new rule? Is there any way to generate new ids by default?

Hi there! @anveeg_sinha @Subham2942 @calmlism

It is indeed not working as expected, we have logged an internal ticket for it, I will update you here once it’s solved.

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@anveeg_sinha @Subham2942 @calmlism

The issue should be solved by now. Please let me know if otherwise.Thank you for reporting this!

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