Problem: Creating a new Outfit Asset

Hello, I created a custom outfit and have done the neccesary changes in Blender. And while i’m trying to upload i’m getting this “Validation failed” error:

[{“body”:[{“instancePath”:“/data”,“schemaPath”:“#/properties/data/required”,“keyword”:“required”,“params”:{“missingProperty”:“iconUrl”},“message”:“must have required property ‘iconUrl’”}]}]

What should I need to do? Can anybody help me?


How are you uploading the asset, is it through the API or Asset Manager/Asset Designer in Studio? What asset are you trying to upload exactly, is it a full-body outfit or modular asset for example?

More information on Asset Entity Properties (incl. iconUrl) can be found in this documentation:


I’m uploading via Asset Manager in Studio. It’s a glb and a full-body outfit. And i’m getting this error

and this is how the asset is inside blender:


Could you share the asset and the photo you are trying to upload through our support platform here