How to animate an avatar created via API?

I am developing an APP in Flutter and I am doing all the integration via API.

I want each user of my app to be able to create their own avatar, but I will use some animations available at GitHub - readyplayerme/animation-library: Ready Player Me Animation Library

My question is: How do I “merge” the user’s avatar with the animation?

I noticed that when creating an avatar on the web, it is animated with an idle animation and that this animation is applied at runtime in the browser. How is this done?

Hey! Check this code one of our colleagues did, hope it’s helpful!

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Thank you very much my friend! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

In the meantime I ended up finding the Visage project (GitHub - readyplayerme/visage: Easily display Ready Player Me avatars and 3D models on the web.), so I created a project in react and embedded it inside the flutter app through a webview. The communication between the two occurs through parameters passed via javascript.

I will analyze your colleague’s solution and see which one will be the best for my use.

Thanks again.

Thanks for solution, This is very informative.

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